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Wolf Den - Meeting #1 Recap and News for Upcoming Meetings

posted Oct 6, 2012, 9:06 AM by Den3 pack1014   [ updated Aug 27, 2013, 4:52 AM by Webmaster Pack1014 ]
Meeting #1 Recap:
On September 27th we had our first Wolf Den meeting at Eastover (Fine arts wing) - 8 boys were able to attend - at this meeting we covered the first 7 Bobcat requirements  (as a refresher for the returning boys, and as part of the curriculum for the new boys), conducted an outdoor flag ceremony  (covering achievement #2e and #2f), and had a fun activity where we built bird feeders using pine cones and peanut butter - the bird feeder can be used at home to complete part (or most) of Elective 13  .

As an homework assignment, we would like everyone to review the bobcat requirements with your boys, including #8, and specifically for parents of boys who are first time Boy Scouts, sign the bottom of each page (under 'Akela') as your son completes the 8 achievements.    - Remember, section #8 is a tear-out section that you can remove from the book.    

Future Meetings:
At our next pack meeting (Oct 10th) we are tentatively planning on presenting Bobcat badges to all boys who have completed their Bobcat achievement- from there they will start actively working towards achieving their Wolf Rank, earning 'Progress Towards Ranks' beads along the way.

To advance to  'Wolf' each boy will need to complete 12 achievements (as detailed in the Wolf handbook - we'll cover some specifically during our Den meetings, and have boys complete others at home with the help of their Akela.  The planned schedule (including 'at home' assignments) is posted on the calendar at our  website

In order to make sure that all the boys achieve Wolf rank in time for the Blue and Gold banquet (early Feb, 2013), we've re-arranged the achievements we'll be covering at each meeting and have decided to add one more Den meeting during October (October 17th).  

The meeting on 17th of October is our ''Feats of Skill' meeting - we'll be completing all of Achievement #1 (and likely a related elective or two).
The following meeting (24th of Octrober) we'll be completing Achievement #5  (Tools for fixing and building)
Homework for the month of October (boys to do at home with help from their parents) is achievement #9 (Be Safe at Home and on the Street).

The remaining schedule is at This will be considered the 'master' schedule.

Please make sure your son brings his  'Wolf Cub' book to each Den Meeting - we use these books to record each boys progress to becoming full fledged Wolf Cubs.  

Popcorn Sales;
Popcorn sales (our annual fund raiser) got off to a great start last weekend - Sales at our three locations (Lowes, Kroeger, and Walmart) were brisk.  There are still some openings left - you can sign up for 1-hr blocks using: 

The boys can also use the 'Take order' forms to complete sales- ideally we'd like to collect these at our October 10th pack meeting, but if you need some more time, please let us know.

Other Items:
Let us know if your son has completed any belt loop or pin requirements with you at home - these can completed anytime (no Wolf rank required)  - We will get these awards ordered so that they can be presented at a future meeting.  (Each belt loop requirement is described here:

If you have any questions, please give one of us a call or send us an email:

Den #3 Leadership:

Steve - 248-895-3621
Eero -  248-807-4020

Steve and Eero,