About This Template

Looking for a Pack Website?

This Google Sites Template is the perfect website for any Cub Scout Pack. You can try it for free and pay only if you launch it live.

Below are the 8 benefits of using this website...

Loaded with Content

    1. Hundreds of pages that apply to the National Cub Scout Program (includes over 90 pages from the four Rank Handbooks. We cover the Trails, the Electives, and the Award Programs.)

    2. Sections covering popcorn, pinewood derby, summer camps, uniforms, news (blogs), document handling, leader training, and lots more.

Saves Months of Time

    1. Months of work is done for you. Numerous Packs have launched this website in two days.

    2. All pages are pre-loaded and formatted with a sleek design and modest layout. Not too fancy. Not too colorful. All in good taste.

    3. Easy to keep updated by multiple leaders, not just you.

    4. Easy to train leaders to contribute. We even provide the training.

    5. We help you change the images on this template to your own custom images.

      1. Over 75 base images to start with and turn into your own. Just edit them to your needs. Gimp, Photoshop, and .png formats.

Step-by-Step Instructions

    1. Complete and comprehensive Launch Instructions are included in this Template - they take you from start to launch.

    2. A rookie or a pro should follow the steps in order - it will save you tons of time!

    3. We walk you through each step of the launch process and explain why you are doing the task. (Includes changing the images)

    4. You end up with a fully customized website for your Pack complete with professional images

    5. You will learn how to maintain the website and train your leaders as you follow the steps

    6. If you try to do it on your own you are missing out. Read the testimonies on the right of this page if you have any doubt about following the instructions

Google Integration

    1. This website works with most of the free Google Services (including a Google Apps account)

    2. Overlay multiple Google Calendars in the same place

    3. Create Google forms and display them nicely in stories or on their own page. Great for event registration and sign-ups.

    4. Share documents, contacts, calendars, form results and other information with all your leaders. Build and store an archive of shared documents for re-using each year

    5. Your Gmail Account will manage the website, calendars, documents, email, forms, spreadsheets, parent contacts, and sharing - all from one log-in.

Promotes Teamwork

    1. Leader Training Documents included. We help you set the website up, then we show you how to train your leaders to use the tools. No more islands.

    2. We suggest you make this required training. Just like Youth Protection Training and leader Specific training - you should also require "Pack specific training" for all leaders new and old. We explain why (and how) in the instructions.

    3. If you intend to maintain this website yourself you don't get it. You should find a different website.

Stands the Test of Time

    1. When your leaders become trained to use the website it will be easy to transition when you leave Cub Scouts

    2. The focus of the entire template is toward transitioning the website to new leaders.

    3. The Launch Instructions setup the tools and the Leader Training shows everyone how to use those tools. And that promotes smooth transition to the next set of leaders

    4. This website is NOT about one person running everything - it’s about teamwork.

Helps Recruiting

    1. This website will increase new parent interest and eventually increase your recruiting numbers.

    2. Includes a section dedicated to new families called “Scouting 101”. A friendly way to get the Scouting message to new families.

    3. New parents will love this website. It welcomes them to scouting and introduces them to a Pack that communicates the program effectively


    1. This template works on the honor system, we are all Scouts here...

    2. Pay only if/when you get it launched and go live

    3. Pay what your Pack can afford and pay what it is worth. We suggest you base payment on your budget, the value gained, and the time it saved you.

    4. We are so sure you will like this website, the content, the instructions, and the training that we don't need to charge up front. It is that good. And you will soon agree.

Get Started Now

    1. Before you get started, we highly suggest you follow the steps in order. With that said...

    2. Go to the Launch Countdown page. Start at the "Read Me First" item and work your way through the list. In order. Doing what it says. Don't jump around. Follow the instructions from start to finish. If you do this you will be completely happy with this template. So will your leadership team. And, above all else, you will happily make sure I get paid.

Perfect to start out a new site with, take it and make it your own.

Pack 94 - Catasauqua, PA

This template is a must-have.

Pack 931 - Justin, TX

Well thought out, very well laid out, with more scouting related stuff than you can shake a stick at.

Pack 617 - North Tonawanda, NY

Anyone who can follow instructions can make this site their own very easily. The best template I've seen yet.

Pack 189 - Salina, OK

The instructions are great. Very easy to follow and in an order that makes sense.

Pack 241 Boynton Beach, FL

Great instructions... I knew nothing about Google websites before I started this, and now I feel very comfortable that I can make any changes that I want to.

Pack 236 - Montgomery County, MD