*2021 Popcorn Program

*Dates subject to change.

Parent Key Dates

August 1 Online sale begins

August 26 – October: Sale Starts with take order sheets and available inventory from your popcorn kernel

September 29-Oct 1, Oct 7-8, Oct 14-15 Show and Sell events at multiple Kroger’s, Hollywood and Lowes shown below, Signup Genius to be distributed mid-September

October 24th Popcorn Distribution: Sale Ends - All take order forms are due at meeting with popcorn given to scouts to distribute!

November 15th Pack Meeting Date: All monies due from sale must be turned in – Prize selections based on sales levels turned in at the end of November.

December 16th: Star Wars Last Jedi Movie Premiere, all scouts over $1000 in sales will attend this gala with one guest which includes Jedi ceremonies and live Star Wars characters

January Pack Meeting Date TBD: All Trails End prizes distributed to scouts plus special pack awards to individuals and dens

Show and Sell Dates

Sept 30 & Oct 1

Saturday & Sunday

Lowes, Hollywood

October 7 & 8

Saturday & Sunday

Lowes, Hollywood, Kroger Coolidge, Kroger Long Lake, Kroger South

October 14 & 15

Saturday & Sunday

Kroger Coolidge, Kroger Long Lake, Kroger South, Kroger Birmingham

It's that time again, our biggest (and only) fundraiser of the year! In order for Pack 1014 to continue offering the best adventures for your Scout, we rely on money earned from this sale. 70% of all money earned from this sale goes directly back to Scouting, and about 34% of our total sales goes to Pack 1014 (it can be more for online sales!) Not only is there a tremendous financial benefit for the Pack by participating in this sale, Scouts learn valuable skills, and have fun in the process! Remember, Scouts do not just sell popcorn; they are FUNDING THE ADVENTURES in Scouting! Our Pack goal this year is $35000 in sales.

What Is New This Year:

Top popper scouts will not only earn a special camp in 2018 but also attendance at the Star Wars Last Jedi movie premiere on opening weekend December 16th for themselves and one guest. There will also be Jedi ceremonies and live Star Wars characters on hand. $1000 sales earns the scout plus one guest attendance (additional guests require $1000 more sales). Plus on the way to $1000, $750 in sales earns a Fireteck Rocket Bow. The top five scouts in the pack are awarded Mega-Corn the Destroyer patches from our council which adds to the multi-piece popcorn patch offered this year – see prize page details on how to earn the entire patch ensemble.

We have opened our sale earlier this year, August 1st for online sales and in September for all other kinds of individual scout sales, ask for your order sheet or to consign inventory from the popcorn kernel. Get extra sales by starting early, or get your sales out of the way before school and fall activities get too busy. It's easy with a $500 Popcorn Pack of popular items.

Sea salt caramel replaces trail mix this year, chocolate pecan clusters are in the chocolate lovers tin, and chocolate caramel crunch is back. Microwave popcorn is only offered as unbelievable butter this year. All products containing chocolate will NOT be available until September 30th due to shipping issues with the warm weather! The Sweet and and Savory box is gone this year as well.

Again this year for Pack 1014 will be bonus credits for working show and sell shifts as solo scouts instead of in pairs. This credit will range between 10% and 25%, exact amount to be determined to keep overall rate within expectations.

Online sales are going to be HOT this year!!! Go now to https://www.trails-end.com/Home/Register to sign up for your account or renew from last year. Online sales will earn a 50% commission for the Pack (vs. 34% commission on standard items). Online features numerous items not sold in our take order selection.

Sales Goals:

Below are the goals established by our pack leadership

  • $35,000 in total popcorn sales and donations (same as last year)

  • $750.00 per Scout (slightly higher than last year, due to smaller pack size)

  • $100.00 per Scout - online sales

  • 4 hours per Scout - Show and Sell Hours

The "per scout" target of $750 can be satisfied in any manner you choose. For instance, a scout could reach his goal by selling $100 online, $350 via take order and participating in a Show and Sell for 4 hours (in each of the last two years our Pack gave each scout an $85 credit for each hour worked at a Show and Sell, figure a $75/hour credit until final numbers are in). See more detail below on ways to sell.

Direct pack donations are welcome from anyone approached during popcorn sales activities. Donations can be marked on take order sheets but must be tracked and totaled separately from actual popcorn sales. Any filled sheets for the Disney drawing must be redone not to include donation amounts, see popcorn kernel for assistance. Scouts get full credit for donations towards their sales goals. However, Military donation sales ARE a line item for popcorn sales ($30 or $50) and are to be recorded on your sales sheets that are turned in.

Yes you can accept checks as we have never had any issues with cashing them. Please have them made out to ‘Pack 1014’ and they should be turned in promptly to avoid cashing delays to the customer. You are responsible for the payment on all popcorn delivered, if it is a good friend or family member, it is ok if they pay you by check and you pay us in full for your order, either with cash or personal check. Many parents find it easier to pay by single check at the October or November Pack meeting instead of counting and recounting cash.

Ways to Sell:

Show and Sells

  • Show and Sells make up a big part of our popcorn program. We've obtained permission from local businesses to set up a sales table. Show and Sells have all products on-hand for people to buy. Scouts take shifts to work alone or in pairs at the table with their parent/guardian.

  • See the list at the right for show and sell times and the information below for how to sign-up. Pack Leaders and experienced parents are expected to sign up for first and last shifts of the day. They are expected to pick up (and return) the popcorn, table, cash box, signage, etc.) from the popcorn kernel’s home (1771 Hammond Ct Bloomfield Hills, 48304, 810-441-5979/810-834-2300). Pick up should be at 7:30/8:30 a.m. to ensure the sale is ready to go at 8:00/9:00 am. We also advise the store manager upon arrival and departure, check for any requirements they have as to table location (never completely block items the store has for sale), and thank them at the end of the day.

  • If anything occurs at the storefront sale that you are unsure of how to handle, please call the popcorn kernel at the above numbers for guidance.

  • Scouts must be in full uniform, ready to work their entire shift without breaks, follow store rules and ensure the business’s customers experience the sale as a positive, show and sell hints and guidelines will be sent out prior to the sale weekend.

  • Show and sell events can be chaotic during busy times and at shift changes. Please work diligently to properly record all item sales and donations amounts as received per sheet instructions at the sale. Also, be aware that our daily total can approach $1500 to $2000 so discretely manage the bills within the provided envelopes and cashbox.

  • We use a RoamPay application and mobile phone swiping device to take credit cards during storefront sales. Search and download the free app beforehand and then follow the instruction sheet at the sale to use. The device plugs into earpiece locations on cellphones, you might have to remove your phone case to ensure connection, alternatively you can manually enter card and customer information. It’s easy to use, we reach customers who might not have cash with them, and other customers appreciate the convenience.

  • We will be managing our Show and Sell participation using SignUpGenius (www.signupgenius.com), link to be sent out mid-September.

  • Again this year, scouts who work solo shifts will earn bonus hour credits (10% minimum to 25% maximum tbd), New scouts should sign up to work in pairs to gain experience before working alone.

  • Sometimes, despite our best efforts, other Packs are scheduled to sell at stores at the same time as ours. There is nothing that can be done if this occurs other than to talk to the other pack parents and agree on working together in a fair manner so scouting wins. Often the best solution is to set up at the different store entrance or exit locations. We generally offer a wider, full selection of inventory and take credit cards, which can help make a sale. NEVER, ever involve the store manager or customers in this situation or discussion, as we are there to help their business for showing community support. Scouts should always remain at our sale table and not try to ‘poach’ or approach customers in other places. This has created awkward or uncomfortable situations in the past, Pack 1014’s parents and scouts should ‘do our best’ and remain above any and all confrontations in this regard as we have in the past.

Show and Deliver

  • The Scout requests popcorn on consignment in any variety desired, the popcorn kernel can suggest best- selling items. This can be sold door to door, at workplaces by parents, guardians or other relatives, to family, after worship services, community gatherings etc. He sells what he can and returns the rest with no penalty

  • For door-to-door, the Scout, with his Akela, has popcorn with him (in a van or car) and is able to fulfill the customer's popcorn order right away and take orders for whichever products they do not have on hand.

  • Many packs do this in den or small groups to cover neighborhoods and work together to achieve their sales goals

  • If you are doing during the week or on a non-show & sell weekend, we can provide you with our RoamPay credit card reader for easy payment by the customer. Ask popcorn kernel for details.

Take Orders

  • The Scout with his Akela goes door to door with a Take Order Form. Take Order Forms will provided during the Popcorn Kickoff or are available earlier from the Popcorn Kernel

  • The customer writes his/her order on the Take Order Form and the Scout can collect the money or ask the customer to pay upon delivery which is after the October Pack Meeting.

  • Military donation sales ($30 or $50) should be collected immediately, recorded on your take order form and we have receipts you can deliver to customers then if you have them, or later. FYI, popcorn purchases or donations are not tax deductible to our understanding.

  • We are the North Star district, Pack 1014 when you fill out the form. As long as the scout name is on it, you have the total of your sales in dollars, and item quantities at the bottom everything else we can handle. Popcorn distribution is a chaotic process at the Oct 24th Popcorn Distribution at the Popcorn Kernel's house, so be prepared with your forms. Remember direct donation funds are to be recorded separately as a single total and also turned in at the October meeting (or November meeting if given at time of delivery).

  • The Scout delivers the Popcorn to the Customer promptly after the Pack meeting and turns in payment no later than the November Pack meeting. Sometimes we are short some inventory items but will get everything ordered to all scouts by November 11th or the November 15th Pack Meeting.

  • If you consigned popcorn for sales, the funds and any excess popcorn is due prior to the October 24th Popcorn Distribution. Sales made on consignment sheets are NOT to be included on take order sheets turned in at the meeting, since we hand out more popcorn based on those sheets.

  • The absolute last day for any late orders you receive is October 27th, we are happy to take them to help your scout meet their goal and the Pack’s total. You must contact the popcorn kernel that day with all information to get that popcorn kept or ordered. All popcorn is returnable so we zero out our inventory on that date to ensure funds. You can check the online system as it may remain active longer for order options.

Selling at Work

  • Parents, guardians or other family members take an order form to their work.

  • Fellow co-workers write their order on the order form.

  • Mom and/or Dad deliver product and collect the money in a few weeks.

Selling Online

  • The Scout Registers for his online account at https://www.trails-end.com/Register/

  • The Scout communicates his Order Key via email, phone, and so on, to potential or existing customers. The Customer can go online and purchase popcorn with a Credit Card at https://www.trails-end.com/support-scout

  • The Product is shipped directly from Trail’s End to the customer and the Scout and Unit receive credit for the Sale.

Corporate Sales

    • This has the most potential of all sales methods, the scout or parent/guardian convinces a local or relative’s business to buy popcorn as holiday customer or employee gifts.

SELL UP” to increase a scout and our Pack’s totals:

  • “SELL UP” to catch every potential customer coming to storefront sales with our ‘scout’s best’ sales pitch. Store sales are always good but there is often a drop off the second weekend or missed customers along the way. Be very attentive to the task so that you ask ALL of the store traffic the popcorn pitch, scouts need to step up their pitch to help make the sales.

  • “SELL UP” to your favorite…Scouts are often asked by customers what their favorite popcorn is…. scouts should have something they like that they are willing to recommend.

  • ”SELL UP” to the best value on the table….. the microwave boxes at $20 for 18 bags are far and away the best value in terms of popcorn quantity and who doesn’t need a box in their pantry

  • “SELL UP” Gift Sets! The Sea Salt Caramel tin, the Chocolate Lover’s giant tin, Cheese Lover’s box and the Chocolate Caramel Crunch bag make great holiday gifts, “SELL UP” that idea to customers who seem keen on making a significant purchase.

  • ”SELL UP” by getting all our inventory moving. We will keep you posted regarding our inventory and if we are low on any items, try to steer the customer to other items of equal value to keep the revenue and our inventory levels up for other customers

  • “SELL UP” for Prizes! The hourly credit will range from $60 to $80 again this year but depends heavily on how we do each weekend……Put your scout’s eye on the Prize they want plus hit the $750, $1000 or $2000 levels for bonus prizes or even college funds to help their future. Did you know that scouts that sell over $2500 get 6% of that put into college scholarship funds and then ALL sales of any amounts in future years also result in 6% going into that fund!

  • ”SELL UP” your personal sales by getting out in your neighborhood on weekends or weekday evenings. Your scout’s personal sales sheets are due in at the October pack meeting where you will pick up your popcorn for distribution. Even if you are working a store show & sell weekend you should find time to go out with your scout door to door or to events where groups might be and take as many orders as you can. Please contact your kernel, if you would like to consign some stock to have available for immediate sale at events or if you need another order sheet.

Tips for Making Popcorn Sales Pop:

  • It’s just a numbers game. The more houses or family members a scout asks to buy, the more they’ll sell.

  • Sell the ADVENTURE of Scouting, and the popcorn will sell itself.

  • Sell the actual product with consigned popcorn. We call it “Show and Deliver.” The customer sees the product is available right then and there and will be more likely to buy.

  • Tell the boys to be professional and use manners. Make sure they introduce themselves and explain what they’re doing.

  • Include a sticker on the items with the scouts name, a thank you for FUNDING THE ADVENTURE, and a phone number to call for future sales….this a done by national top sellers whose customers will remember the scout next year.

Prizes and Rewards:

  • Receive individual toy and scout prizes from Trail-End (http://michiganscouting.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/2017-prizes-final.pdf)

  • Shortly after the October Pack meeting your scout will receive a letter indicating their total sales and breakdown for prize eligibility.

  • Every fully completed sale sheet will be submitted for a Disney Vacation drawing. Top working show and sell scouts will get more entries from the show and sell sale.

  • If you sell over $2500, you get a 6% credit into a college scholarship account. In future years, get the 6% credits whether you hit $2500 again or not

  • Sales over $1000 earn tickets to the Star Wars Last Jedi movie event, sales over $750 earn a rocket bow, top selling scouts in the Great Lakes Council and across the state can win the five piece Mega-Corn the Destroyer patch ensemble.

  • The popcorn patch is awarded to all scouts who sell any popcorn, extra strips are awarded for selling one of each item, online sales, over $750 sales, military donation sales and a pin for the Pack’s top seller

Fundraising Uses:

Our fundraising effort helps to make Scouting a great experience for our sons, siblings and parents. Here is a just a small sampling of the activities supported by your fund raising efforts and participation:

    • Pack T-shirt and Neckerchief

    • Boy's Life Magazine

    • Pack meeting supplies

  • Den Activities

  • Ice Cream Truck visiting the June Pack meeting

    • Pinewood derby kits, trophies and track

  • Entertainment at various pack functions

  • Our fall and spring camping trips

  • Summer camp credits for popcorn selling scouts

  • Our Blue and Gold award banquet

  • Pack 1014 participation in the North Star Winter Klondike

  • Scout patches, badges and recognition awards